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Job causing pain in fingers [25 Jul 2007|01:04am]

I recently got a job making costumes for the actors at a local Renaissance Faire. It's a pretty relaxed job and all, but after about 5 hours or so of sewing on tiny things with itty-bitty needles, by fingers (in the left hand especially, and I'm right-handed) really start to ache. The job is only for a couple of weeks, but I'm a bit worried that this might give me problems playing guitar. I'm not exactly sure right now if it's a problem because I burnt myself out on technique not too long ago so I've been kind of just playing what I feel like playing for a change. So, nothing too demanding. Still, has anyone had a similar experience? And is there anything I can/should do to prevent injury? I always take a break for at least 2 hours after the day's sewing before I pick up my guitar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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[18 Mar 2007|12:24am]

Hello all.Im new here so I just thought Id post to say hey.Ive been playing awhile and such and just recently started a new one-man band kind of project.Heres the link for the one tune I have up so far if anyones interested...


Anyways,the mix is pretty muddy and as much as Ive wanted to,I havent had much time since setting this up to DL anymore tunes.Some shameless self promotion,I know but what better to offer to a guitar community than a sample of my noise.

Anyways,hello again.
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[17 Mar 2007|02:34pm]

I am having a REALLY hard time barring my pinky to play two strings. Any suggestions?
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ultra rare guitar hero guitar now on sale at ebay.co.uk O_O [24 Feb 2007|03:33pm]



Guitar details:

* Body: Lamenated Alder/Maple
* Neck: Mahogany
* Fingerboard: Rosewood
* Inlay: Dot
* Neck Join: Bolt
* Scale: 24.75"
* Nut Width: 1.68"
* Pickups: 2x Humbuckers
* Controls: 2 vol, 2 tone 3-way switch
* Hardware: Chrome
* Finish: Vintage Sunburst

This item has its original box and also includes a guitar cable, strap and an Epiphone black soft case. Please note that the case does not fit in the box and if you want it, additional postage may be required.
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Открытие!!! [17 Jan 2006|10:49am]

Нука быстра все вступаем!!!=)))
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[24 Oct 2005|04:33am]

hi, my name is hidden (or Hido sometimes ^__^), i'm from Kharkov, Ukraine

my guitar is a phil pro, and i play for 5 years. right now i'm the guitarist/music_author/sometimes_songwriter of a local band. hope you won't kick me out soon =)
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Why play when you can shred? [08 Oct 2005|04:34pm]

Hello all, my name is TJ and I'm new to the community. I've been playing for about 13 years now. My live rig is as follows:

2004 Gibson Sg
Peavy 5150 EVH Signature Head
Old School Crate 4x12 (top)
Peavy 5150 4x12 (bottom)

I have a Brawley that I use as my alternate guitar, and a 1986 Gibson Flying V as my backup of a backup. Effects wise, I use a Boss Equalizor to boost my solos, and a Dunlop Crybaby wah. I wouldn't really count a Rocktron Hush Pedal as effects. So in the end, here's to everyone shredding it up!!!!

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Gear [06 Jun 2005|12:32am]

[ mood | Rockin' ]

Im 15 from a crappy town in michigan. Ive been playin for quite a while now but am not in a real band. I havent had much experience playing live but i love it, its the best way to go. My main guitar is a old Samick, i know its not the greatest but it plays like a dream and i dropped a Symore Duncan 59 and a JB in it and it sounds insaine. I also have a 92' Jackson Stealth Professional witha floyd rose, i love that guitar too, its got a great feel on the strap when playing live, it stays balenced no matter where you have it, plus its really light, but best of all it has a super fast neck. Next i have a Washburn acoustic and it sounds heavenly, my final guitar is a B.C. Rich Warlock that i set up abd use tuned down a full step(DGCFAD). i also have a really crappt classical guitar that i just have layin around the house and a barritone uke thats just fun to bum around playin'. As far as strings go, i always and only use Ernie Ball Super Slinkys on my Samick, The Jackson is only used with Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys, My Washburn never has ever had anything other than Elixir Mediums, i swear by them. And finally for my Warlock i have recently made the change to Zakk Wylde Standerd Boomers, they work awsome for my set up. I have a small Marshall MG30DFX and am looking to purchase a Carvin Legacy stack very soon. For Effects i have a ZOOM GFX707 effects processor, and a Crybaby Classic Wah, i love that pedal, and its tough as nails. Everything i have is connected by Moster Cables and sounds awsome. Well thats about it for my rig, i noticed that just about everyone posts their gear so i figured i would. I mostly play classic rock like Led Zeppelin(The Greatest Band EVER) and NWOAHM stuff like Shadows Fall. Music is everything, so everyone keep on rockin and "Let the music be your Master"

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I am new here yes I am female oh so you think it is dumb to be a female guittar player? well ^%$ you then bye :D
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hey man... [02 Jan 2005|02:29pm]

[ mood | sad -about the pedal ]

hey... im new here, im hannah and i (obviously) play guitar. im 15 and been playing for about a year.

i have a question... i recently bought a wah pedal, about 4 months ago.. i got a dunlop crybaby, for about $110 new. and it was fine for about 3 months and now it's shitting out on me. i cant figure out what happened, i dunno, maybe its short-circuiting, but the thing wont play. ive tried new batteries and the cables are fine.

if anyone has had this problem and knows what to do pease tell me


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Hey [28 Nov 2004|10:11pm]

Hi, Im Zeb. Im from Sulphur, LA.

I play an Epiphone g-310 and an effector explorer(i just call it an epiphone). The explorer has bult in effects like distortion, wah, chorus, and chorus.

I use a Samick amp. Im not sure about the wattage, it was my brothers. I also use a zoomII 550.

I havent played live or anything. Ive jammed with friends a couple of times, but the lack of drummers makes it hard to get a decent band together.

I usualy like to play hardcore band matirial. I cover bands like Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, From Autumn To Ashes, and Killswitch Engage.

Ill have pics soon

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[21 Nov 2004|11:57am]

whatsup, ive been playing for about 4 years now and i have an epiphone vintage g-400, an acoustic washburn and a fender stack. ive been in bands off and on for about a year. yeah.
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Hello [20 Oct 2004|04:20am]

I play a Gibson Les Paul Custom Signature, Epiphone Goth Les Paul, Fender Strat, and an Alvarez acoustic/electric

I use a 5150 half stack, Morley volume-wah, and a few different DOD pedals. Eventually I'm gonna get a Marshall MF.

I've jammed for about 8 years or so and I've been in a band prolly for about 2 years now.
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join it [01 Aug 2004|08:14pm]

tooletry for all tool related and inspired art and poetry.
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[22 Jul 2004|10:18am]


I play an Epiphone Goth Les Paul,
Fender Telecaster, dimarzio in the bridge, humbucker under the neck.
Piece of shit acoustic made by Johnson, I'm about to get a new one.
And a Squier P-bass.

I started out playing bass, but even though I still consider myself a bass player, I usually play guitar when I'm practicing or learning songs.

I have a 65 watt Ibanez bass amp, Boss DS1 distortion pedal and Crybaby wah.
I'm never buying a guitar amp, because a bass amp with distortion sounds thicker then my friend's Marshall, so I love ny setup.
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[19 Jul 2004|12:28am]

hey hey saw the link to here posted in a tool forum. looks good here i am.

i currently play an axe i built from a kit. its pretty, i made it with a natural med/dark wood tone and a black pickgaurd that really pops against the natural grain. its beautiful until you look at it closely hehe. the electronix are shot cuz i didnt know what i was doing. but it holds a great tune and has a nice clean unplugged tone.

i also own (in pawn shop,your not a real guitarplayer/musician unless you got something in a pawn shop):

a fender squire stratocaster
a bc rich warlock bronze series
an electric/acoustic ovation celebrity (my pride and joy)
a large old funky crate amp. about 300 watts through a 15" iirc.

i use an old ZOOM 3000s multieffects pedal. and own a zoom drum machine.

i play rhythm guitar, tastes range from rock to funk to metal to folk to blues to anything i think about.

right now im kinda stuck on the Am chord. i finger pick it i get into different patterns and create a song based solely on the rhythm and pattern. the chord never changes. i might be insane but i love the way it sounds.

ive played for around 10 years or so. off and on.

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[18 Jul 2004|10:36pm]

PRS Santana, bitches. I'm poor... Carvin cab and Crate head. Brian, is my hero. Arg...
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hello [18 Jul 2004|12:59pm]

[ mood | greeting ]

I'm Fia.
22 yr old in Los Angeles.

I've had my Ibanez SA series, Metalic Grape electric guitar for a loooong time now (my ex bf was going to teach me but we broke up a bit after i bought my guitar), so havent really really started learning guitar until recently.

I also have a crappy little acoustic guitar I got at a pawn shop.

I love my guitars and playing them, i play them every single day. I don't know how to play much stuff other than my own songs that i've made up.

Just wanted to say hello to the community :-D

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