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Im 15 from a crappy town in michigan. Ive been playin for quite a while now but am not in a real band. I havent had much experience playing live but i love it, its the best way to go. My main guitar is a old Samick, i know its not the greatest but it plays like a dream and i dropped a Symore Duncan 59 and a JB in it and it sounds insaine. I also have a 92' Jackson Stealth Professional witha floyd rose, i love that guitar too, its got a great feel on the strap when playing live, it stays balenced no matter where you have it, plus its really light, but best of all it has a super fast neck. Next i have a Washburn acoustic and it sounds heavenly, my final guitar is a B.C. Rich Warlock that i set up abd use tuned down a full step(DGCFAD). i also have a really crappt classical guitar that i just have layin around the house and a barritone uke thats just fun to bum around playin'. As far as strings go, i always and only use Ernie Ball Super Slinkys on my Samick, The Jackson is only used with Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys, My Washburn never has ever had anything other than Elixir Mediums, i swear by them. And finally for my Warlock i have recently made the change to Zakk Wylde Standerd Boomers, they work awsome for my set up. I have a small Marshall MG30DFX and am looking to purchase a Carvin Legacy stack very soon. For Effects i have a ZOOM GFX707 effects processor, and a Crybaby Classic Wah, i love that pedal, and its tough as nails. Everything i have is connected by Moster Cables and sounds awsome. Well thats about it for my rig, i noticed that just about everyone posts their gear so i figured i would. I mostly play classic rock like Led Zeppelin(The Greatest Band EVER) and NWOAHM stuff like Shadows Fall. Music is everything, so everyone keep on rockin and "Let the music be your Master"
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