helicala (helicala) wrote in guitarplayers,

Job causing pain in fingers

I recently got a job making costumes for the actors at a local Renaissance Faire. It's a pretty relaxed job and all, but after about 5 hours or so of sewing on tiny things with itty-bitty needles, by fingers (in the left hand especially, and I'm right-handed) really start to ache. The job is only for a couple of weeks, but I'm a bit worried that this might give me problems playing guitar. I'm not exactly sure right now if it's a problem because I burnt myself out on technique not too long ago so I've been kind of just playing what I feel like playing for a change. So, nothing too demanding. Still, has anyone had a similar experience? And is there anything I can/should do to prevent injury? I always take a break for at least 2 hours after the day's sewing before I pick up my guitar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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